6 reasons why smoking marijuana makes exercise and bodybuilding more effective? Funjuice Vietnam

2022-08-29 18:00:55

Most people often think that just doing sports and exercising is good for a healthy lifestyle. And cannabis was judged to be unsuitable for the above activities.

But why do so many recreational and professional athletes use cannabis products before and after competition?

To put this topic into perspective, here are 6 scientific reasons why smoking marijuana can be a good addition to your fitness and exercise routine.


6 reasons why smoking marijuana makes exercise and bodybuilding more effective? Funjuice Vietnam

1. Cannabis can reduce pain associated with sports or bodybuilding injuries.

Nate Diaz Vapes Marijuana ( THC Cannabis) at UFC 202 Press Conference

Researched cannabis is a well-known pain reliever and has been used by many people to treat acute and chronic pain.

Several studies have demonstrated that THC products have the ability to reduce or interrupt pain signals in our bodies (1), so we don't feel it as much pain as we would without them. In other words, marijuana makes it easier for our bodies to tolerate pain if we are injured during sports or bodybuilding.


Please note that cannabis can help ease the pain, but it cannot heal the wound.

Injuries if left untreated can lead to more serious consequences and can even develop into chronic pain, which can be difficult to control even with marijuana. You'd better rest more.

2. Cannabis may protect the brain from head injuries

In contact sports (boxing, hockey, soccer...), athletes are very susceptible to head injuries that can affect the brain and system nerve.

If it's a mild head injury, it will usually heal within a week or two.

However, severe concussions take longer to heal and can create a host of bad complications.

When you get a concussion to your skull, your brain begins to swell, damaging brain cells and changing brain function.

Cannabinoids, in THC products, have anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce swelling in the brain. (2)

According to a 3-year UCLA retrospective study, the mortality rate in concussion patients with THC in their system at the time of their accident was much lower than in patients without THC during their accident. People. (3)


You need to know how marijuana affects you and the type of sporting activity you are engaged in. If your sport requires quick reflexes, you're better off smoking marijuana after your workout, not before.

3. Cannabis can boost metabolism after sporting activity

Although marijuana users consume 600 more calories per day than non-users, those extra calories don't necessarily translate into fat. (4)

Science has proven that THC increases appetite in humans, thereby causing us to consume more calories.

So how do so many long-time cannabis users have microscopic waistlines and zero body fat?

According to a 2016 study, people who use cannabis tend to metabolize carbohydrates better and are generally less obese than those who don't. They also had lower fasting insulin levels and better insulin response. (5)

While we still lack scientific studies, early studies show that "obesity rates are lower among cannabis users than among non-users." (6)

4. Cannabis can enhance your focus (especially THC and CBD)

Carving on Cannabis with a Snowboard Gold Medalist

Cannabis can be good when you need to focus on regular tasks, which is why so many recreational runners enjoy running while on a marijuana high. They argue that taking a few breaths before starting a long run can make the run more enjoyable.

Can you imagine running by the lake and getting a better sense of the nature around you? That fun can greatly boost your performance and get you running more than you intended.

But keep in mind that, if you want the necessary focus, it's all down to choosing the right variety. Some types will have the effect of making you lazy and just want to lie in bed to enjoy :D . But if you find the right sativa, with the right CBD to THC ratio, you can achieve the athletic and bodybuilding effects you desire.


While marijuana can be good for repetitive activities, studies have shown that THC slightly reduces reaction times and impairs motor skills. (7) Sports that require quick reflexes should be performed with complete sanity and unaffected by high THC cannabis products.

5. Cannabis can clear anxiety, boost your confidence before a workout

With high-quality CBD products, you can walk into the gym like a pro athlete without any worries.

Check out this Reddit post for more anecdotal evidence on how CBD relieves anxiety and this Healthline article for all the scientific evidence.

6. Cannabis can soothe sore muscles

You recently started a sport or bodybuilding workout and your first workout hurts so much that you wish you'd never been to the gym.

Fortunately CBD (cannabidiol) products have been shown to reduce inflammation in the body. Consuming a product high in CBD after a workout will make the soreness go away much faster. Plus, by taking a dose of CBD before the activity, you'll avoid the stinging sensation in the first place.

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