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The short and concise answer would be yes. You can consume marijuana in many different ways. Humans have been eating weeds in food and drink for hundreds of years. For example, in China and India, people have used cannabis for a number of purposes, including medicine. This was before the drug was introduced to the West in the early 19th century.

Immediately after its introduction, it attracted various applications. A common example is tinctures used to aid various conditions.

Aside from ancient India and China, cannabis consumption is widespread around the world. This is mainly due to the legalization process of the factory that many countries are aware of. Nowadays people process cannabis into marshmallows, chocolates, capsules, candies, teas, oils, etc.



Have you ever wondered what would happen if you ingest raw cannabis? Like just out of the jar and into your mouth? Well, aside from some significant health benefits, nothing else really happens. You won't feel high when you eat raw buds because the THC in them is in an inactive state, also known as THC-A.

Only when THC-A is separated does it convert to activated THC. “Layering” refers to decarburization – a process that converts THC-A to THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol).

This process happens automatically when you smoke. But if you want to consume weed by mouth and get great results, it will have to be decarboxylated. It is a weed used in herbivores.

When you consume activated THC, it passes through your digestive system and into your liver, where it is converted into something called 11 hydroxy THC - a compound 4 to 5 times more potent than normal THC.



There is a clear difference between smoking it and eating it; the latter is much stronger, takes longer to hit, and even longer to wear out. The main reason behind this is that edible cannabis has to go through your entire digestive system before it starts doing anything.

For the most part, the feeling of high is similar to smoking weed but it is highly dose dependent and individual tolerance. If you are used to smoking a few cigarettes a day, you will need a stronger dose than what a person who has barely smoked will ever need.



The biggest benefit here is the fragmentation it provides when taking cannabis. Since everything looks like normal food, you can stealthily take your pills throughout the day without anyone noticing. The rash usually causes more high body knocks and increased feelings of relaxation, euphoria and sedation than the normal shoots.


Because of the heavy sedative and relaxing effects cannabis has on the body, many medical marijuana users use cannabis to relax muscles to relieve pain. They are also commonly used to treat anxiety, paranoia, and stress, but just be careful as taking too much can increase these conditions.

This begs the question; How is a thing used to relieve anxiety, cause anxiety? This is because the weed has a biphasic effect. This substance can have the opposite effect at different doses. Anxiety can be reduced at lower dosages but it can be out of control at higher dosages.

If you're taking supplements for symptom relief, it's important to know exactly how much you're taking, which brings us to the next topic.


Dosage is the most important factor to keep in mind when consuming food. Misreading THC content or mistaking them for common foods can make you feel light, unintentional, or send you into outer space depending on how much you consume.

Take a quick look at this dosage chart, it will help you decide how much to consume in one sitting. The lower your tolerance, the more accurate these figures are; Heavy users may require more than what is mentioned below.


Micro Dosage: 1mg to 2.5mg

No active effect, relieve mild pain and anxiety. Ideal for increasing concentration and creativity.

Low Dosage: 2.5mg to 15mg

Stronger symptom relief, easier to fall asleep. A high dose will not overwhelm this dose, which is ideal for the first time.

Mid Dosage: 15mg to 30mg

The effect starts to get stronger. Inexperienced users may experience negative effects.

High Dosage: 30mg to 50mg

This is the most ideal place an experienced THC user should start. The effects are very positive and they can decrease your coordination and change your perception.

Moderate High Dosage: 50mg to 100mg

High arousal levels, red eyes and alcohol spikes. The effect lasts for a long time. Recommended only for experienced THC users.

Strong Dosage: 100mg to 500mg

Almost like a psychedelic ride, especially if your tolerance is low. Recommended only for highly experienced individuals who know exactly what they are doing.



If you have a consistent food consumption plan, do it in a comfortable environment and do it when you are sure you have nothing to do soon. This is because the cooking pot is known as a packable thing and can sometimes put consumers on their couch. It is advised not to overdo it when it comes to dosage.

Start with just a small dose and wait a while to see what happens. It can take up to 20-30 minutes to feel the effect, but usually the effect lasts a long time before that. How to Make Edibles |


  • THC Gummies - Kẹo dẽo THC
  • Weed Cookies - Bánh Cần Sa
  • Pot Brownies - Bánh Quy Cần Sa
  • Chocolates - Kẹo sô cô la
  • CBD Edibles - Thức ăn CBD

You can pretty much infect any food with decarboxylated weeds and consume them to great effect.



Edibles are best taken in small doses and responsibly. You want to make sure it's kept away from children and clearly marked that the food contains THC. Also, you should consume them when you have a comfortable place to relax and have nothing to do for the rest of the night.

Important things you must know before trying Edibles weed

1. How long does it take for cannabis food to work?

If you're a regular marijuana smoker, you know that the drug can take effect almost immediately. This is because the smoke will go straight to your lungs with minimal disruption from any other part of your body. With edibles, however, things are a little different. After smoking them, you may have to wait up to an hour before you start to feel the effects.

This is mainly because the medicine passes through your digestive system first. Before it is released into the bloodstream, your body needs to break it down. It is the breakdown process that causes the delay in the effects of your cannabis. How long do edibles last thc.

In addition, there are a number of factors that can cause cannabis to take longer to activate. One of them is the amount of THC concentration. If your edibles in Canada are primarily CBD-based, you probably won't get any euphoric effects at all. However, if you have a lot of THC, you may soon hit a high.

2. Beginners should use a low dose gradually increasing:

If you have any knowledge of witches in Canada or anywhere else, you know that they pack up pretty well. The first thing you will notice as an edible user is that cannabis lasts longer in your system. The second is a significantly more intense feeling. The intensity is so high that it can keep you lying on the couch for quite a long time.

If you're a beginner, all of this might be a bit overwhelming for you. Our advice? Small start. You can never go that way. Instead of throwing a whole marshmallow in your mouth, take a bite first. After you do so, hold on for a while to see what effect it will have on you. If it feels good, you can take another controlled bite. Otherwise, you may have a low tolerance to marijuana, which means you'll need to portion the servings yourself.

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