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2022-11-20 11:15:29

Live Resin is a concentrated form of cannabis produced using fresh flowers instead of dried and processed buds. This method retains the terpenes lost during drying and curing. Because the flavored terpenes remain intact, Live Resin is considered a premium, high-quality product.


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Live Resin is a cannabis concentrate that takes its name from the freshness of the cannabis plant from which it is made. Unlike the majority of cannabis products, Live Resin is made from plant materials that have not been dried or processed. The original plant materials used for the sap include fresh flower buds and sugar leaves; Large fan-shaped leaves and stems are excluded. The rapid freezing process preserves the most desirable compounds and retains the full flavor of the cannabis plant. Concentrate enthusiasts tend to be drawn to it by its more flavorful and aromatic dot experience.

Capturing the full essence and aroma of live cannabis is the main goal. The Live Resin manufacturing process — rapidly freezing plant material, then extracting compounds from the resin — is combined with high-quality and flavorful concentrates. Skipping the typical drying and curing stage allows for a larger percentage of essential oils. These essential oils, technically known as terpenes, are the compounds responsible for the distinctive flavor and aroma in the weed and in the final extracted product.

What does Live Resin look and feel like?

Live Resin comes in a variety of colors and forms. The type or strain used for concentration greatly affects the chemical and physical properties of the extract. Live Resin is filled with terpenes in a greater proportion than other concentrates. With added essential oils, the consistency is usually more liquid than with other concentrated oils. The more terpenes, the more liquid and malleable the concentrate. The most common Live Resin binders are resin, sugar, badder/budder, and sauce.


Can you vape live resin?

Using a vape with a Live Resin or a Pod Live Resin is by far the simplest method. Simply buy a Live Resin pod and you're ready to use it all the time.

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